Rick Koekoek

Who is Rick Koekoek?

Rick Koekoek is Dutch champion in bike trials, has several Guinness World Records to his name and is the founder of the OER Lifestyle Academy.

The OER Lifestyle Academy is a platform where Rick teaches you how to perform at the highest level with focus, discipline and a top fit body. The record holder teaches you his secrets with, among other things, nutrition tips, breathing techniques and cold training. He does this from a spectacular location: the headquarters in Northern Finland, the Taiga School. Are you prepared to come out of your comfort zone and stretch your limits? Rick Koekoek - Riding the great wall of china The bicycle is an important tool for Rick to push his own limits. As a little boy he flew together with his tricycle through the air at dangerous heights. He followed the example of his father, Dutch Champion in motor trials. Rick shared the love of spectacular stunts with his father, but found the bike more interesting than the motorcycle. After 30 years of pushing boundaries, Rick Koekoek is one of the best in the world, examples include the world record in which he jumped 1m45 high from standstill. The record holder is not only interested in prizes and titles, he sees the whole world as his playground and does spectacular stunts on Dutch bridges, the Great Wall and skyscrapers in Hong Kong. With the extreme stunts at great heights, he honors his (nick)name: 'The Flying Dutch Men'.

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" Nothing is impossible, just imagine. "

Rick Koekoek - Take Control

Guinness World Records Holder